Key Concepts: Secrets of Small Business Owners Exposed

We loved these tips that any business, large or small, can put into practice to be better. We hope you find them as valuable as we do!

Create and communicate your organizational clarity. Clear roles and responsibilities within your company are necessary. Articulate your vision.

Someone has to be in charge. Decide where the buck stops. When there is shared responsibility, there is no responsibility.

Find Your Focus. Be focused on your company’s direction. Pay special attention to the financial side of your business.

Plan, Plan, Plan. There is no substitute for planning. Prior preparation prevents a pretty poor performance.

Develop Systems. As FedEx says, “Systemize the routine; humanize the exception.”

Customer Service is Essential. Give your customers the type of service you expect from your vendors.

Think, Think, Think. Never stop thinking about ways to be different, innovative, creative and exclusive. Make your business the best it can be.

Don’t delay! Take action now!

Go the Extra Mile. Your customers will appreciate it and you will build rapport and long term relationships by proving you are in for the long haul. A little extra goes a long way!

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