Doing Business In A Crisis: a 13-week PEER GROUP RESOURCE CENTRE

Within a few short weeks, the business world has shifted dramatically. Times like these are a test of your leadership and management skills. My clients are asking: what should I do now?

  • How do I plan for the future when I don't know how long this will last?
  • How do I keep my staff (and myself) focused and engaged?
  • What should I focus on? Do I hold steady or make changes? Should I be cutting expenses? Where?

In times like these, it becomes crystal clear that YOU are in charge. You're the leader. Your clients, customers, staff and colleagues are looking to you for guidance.

How you emerge from this crisis is going to depend on what YOU do NOW.

You can panic, retreat and be a victim of circumstances...or

You can move forward with determination, facing reality and making the tough decisions that leadership demands of you - calling on your creativity and resourcefulness to not only get you through this challenge - but to emerge on the other side with a business that is stronger than ever.

If you choose the path of courage, I'm here to support you. 

We're going to navigate this crisis together in 3 steps.

Step One: Surviving

Not all businesses will make it through this crisis. Be one of the ones that does.

  • managing your cashflow
  • communicating with staff, clients and suppliers
  • creating contingency plans
  • securing revenue
  • maintaining sales

Step Two: Adjusting to the short term reality

Social distancing and travel restrictions are going to be our new normal for the next 2 - 12 months. How will you adjust your business to this temporary situation?

  • managing your team and embracing remote work
  • finding new opportunities, clients and projects
  • shifting your services, pricing and value

Step Three: Adjusting to the longer term reality

This too shall pass. At some point, we'll be working in person and traveling again. How can you use this time to strengthen your business and prepare for better times ahead?

  • cutting expenses, not investments
  • looking ahead, finding opportunity
  • solidifying systems

The peer group has ended

If you'd like support with your business, you are welcome to book a short call with me.

About John

John has been a professional business coach since 2004 and has worked with over 250 happy clients. As a business owner and leader, he has guided companies through the dotcom bubble, 9-11 and the recession of 2008/2009. John delivers pragmatic advice along with supportive encouragement (and the odd kick-in-the-butt.)

Coach John Nieuwenburg

I highly recommend John Nieuwenburg and W5 Coaching. He’s a special kind of business coach. One who delivers the hard and fast goods (systems, business analysis, team development, sales strategies, etc.) and cares deeply for the business owner.

In my first month working with John, I saw a 730% return on my coaching investment. Year over year, with John as my coach, my business has grown. I often refer to my coaching with John as my real university education when it comes to business development, business operations and business growth.

On the softer side, John was instrumental in keeping me focused on my business while taking care of myself through some personal challenges outside of my business.

Do not hesitate to sit down for a coffee with John and learn more. You will definitely get benefit out of just that first meeting. Heck… just work with John. You won’t regret it.

- Allison Cousins Marketing Consultant & Creative Director