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Construction, trades and
manufacturing clients

Our revenues went from around $300K - $400K per year to over $3 million per year.

Working with John as my advisor made a night and day difference in my business. Our revenues went from around $300K - $400K per year to over $3 million per year.

One of John’s innovative approaches is his compounding effect system for calculating leads to conversions and repeat buyers.

After implementing this system, we now run almost completely on repeat business – including a very large ongoing contract that we landed in part due to John’s advice during contract negotiation

Working with John has turned the company around.

My name is Darren, I own Cimtex Industries out here in Mission. I bought Cimtex out completely from the original owner three years ago, I had worked in a machine shop since I was 19 but only on the shop floor.

John helped us create proper systems, management skills and action plans.

My wife and I worked very closely with John Nieuwenburg for 12 months, shaping our company into the business that thrives today.

I never had John stumped. Whenever I had a problem, he could always point me in the right direction.

When you’re the CEO of your own company, there’s no one to report to.

John was someone I could report my progress to, hold me accountable, and listen to me if I encountered roadblocks. I appreciated that I didn’t have to posture or put on a façade with him, I could be honest about what was going on.

Our ongoing success has been due to John's coaching and guidance.

How can we thank you enough for all we have learned from you over the past 2 ½ years. From the minute we heard your tagline, “If your business is not supporting your life, what is it supporting?” we knew that we needed to work with you.

John taught me the skills that have shaped me into the business man I am today.

Just wanted to share a little secret gift I bought myself with all my hard work. I've dreamed of owning this bike for over 10 years.

Yesterday, I paid cash for it. What an amazing feeling!

John has a way of helping me think differently. I tell him about the things I want to do and why they can’t happen. He tells me why they can, and to get off my butt and make them happen!

I first hired John about 13 years ago and worked with him for a couple years. He taught us a lot of things and we had the knowledge to do what we needed to do and we kept progressing and grew the company exponentially.

Recently, I wanted to move in another direction, and felt I wasn’t finding a clear path to get there. So, I rehired him. I’m at the stage in my business right now where I want to start transitioning out of the office.

I needed some help to get the business more systematized and running in a consistent, efficient manner.

Having John on my side gave me confidence to raise my shop rates to a high level.

I want to thank you for the time that you spent with me as my business coach.

Throughout the year and a half that we worked together several profound changes took place for my business and for me. The largest change that I experienced was that I now truly feel and act like a business owner. Prior to coaching with you, my attitudes and feelings were much more like that of an employee.

With John's help in our first year in business in one of Vancouver’s most competitive industries, we recorded a surplus.

I have had the pleasure to have John as a business coach during the start up phase of my Construction Staffing Agency.

During the months we have worked together, John has helped our company’s directors structure a business that allows us to track marketing efforts, augment our lead generation and boost our client conversion rate.

I was wondering why my staff couldn't make decisions - why does everything need to come through me?

One of my clients, Fred, used to be the equivalent of the only air traffic controller at the airport.

Everything that happened in that business, somebody had to ask him a question and he was being harangued by people morning, noon and night.

He was wondering why he couldn't get people to make decisions.

Advisory and wellness practices, agencies and retail

John helped me build confidence and belief in my bigger vision.

I had been in business for about a year when I started working with John. It was just myself and 3 or 4 contractors, and now the team has grown to 15.

John, among many things, helped me create an organizational structure that includes an operations assistant and a team leader who takes care of all of our nutritionists.

John helped me build confidence and belief in my bigger vision. He helped me build the systems and organization I needed to get there and gave me the reassurance that it was possible.

The biggest thing that I got from John in terms of leadership was a model of how to be assertive while still staying heart-centered. I’d feel stuck a lot of the time – avoiding harder conversations or implementing changes that might be more challenging for me. John taught me to see options for solving problems in a way where everyone ends up feeling good and cared for.

John has a gift for quickly assessing what is needed and offering clear, personalized solutions for business success.

I am grateful to the woman who recommended me to John Nieuwenburg.

The day I sat down with John was the day my business trajectory changed.

John helped me to implement new actions to organize my right brain ways.

I hired John for some business coaching so as to change my work habits, increase my business, and define what was important to my life and business ways. I come from the arts so John had his hands full with my way of thinking.

John has a way of challenging what I "think" I know and that prompts me to try different approaches.

I attended John's Massive Action Workshop at the beginning of this month, and have been confidently going full-steam ahead, ever since.

John taught me how to put my business owner hat on!

Being a new business owner in the healthcare industry, John was very helpful in getting my business partner and I focused on building our clinic up one step at a time.

John helped me to identify the roles, to have the right people doing the right tasks.

I have been working with John for almost 2 years. I have found John to be very knowledgeable and highly skilled in the methodology and process of coaching. Working with him has been unbelievably helpful. He doesn’t tell, he doesn’t push, he guides.

When you need a coach, you need somebody who's going to have your back and really focus on what your needs are. Not his skill set or preferences or comfort level. John is more than willing to step outside of his comfort level to try and figure out something that is creating a friction point or bottleneck in my systems.

John asks better questions - getting us better results.

Exactly one year ago today, after a long day at work - I e-mailed you at 9 pm to see if you had space in your 90 day massive action day seminar occurring the next day.

My husband and I had been struggling with moving in any direction with our businesses because we were not able to make life decisions.

John is an amazing teacher, task master and friend.

"I am so grateful that John exists! I'm one of his "raving fans"!

He is able to not only help business owners figure out what they want, he is able to give them the practical skills to get them to where they want to be.

Our business has grown exponentially in the last 6 months since working with John.

I just had another friend ask me about you and this is what I had to say.

My coach's name is John Nieuwenburg. He is not only lovely but incredibly equipped in his field of business growth, sales & development.

John had a crucial role in helping me to achieve my ambitious goals.

I was not looking for a business coach, I just happened to hear about you from a person that I was in contact with.

I sent you a quick mail; in retrospect, it was one of the best emails I have ever sent; it was a very short and simple email that led to a sequence of events that that brought me so much value.

Solopreneurs, professionals, consultants and freelancers

When John met me, I was a freelance graphic designer selling business cards and letterhead. Today I own a marketing agency and lead a staff of eight people.

The way you become a trusted advisor is not by displaying your knowledge. It's by showing your deep understanding of the person you're talking to. That's what John has done.

John took the time to really understand not just my business model, but me as an entrepreneur, my life, what I wanted out of my business.

John has helped me take my business to the next level.

When I met John, it happened when I was at a point of transition in my business. I wanted to go from being a good business to a great business and beyond.

John helped me learn to value my time, wow, I became a lot more productive and focused!

I highly recommend John. When I worked with John, he was my rock. His style was supportive and enabling. I learned many things and grew in many ways.

I have seen cash value from working with John.

I recently had the great pleasure of attending your 90 Day Massive Action workshop.

I enjoyed the format you and your colleague presented, starting with the mindset of a successful entrepreneur and moving through to practical strategies to get your business growing in the right direction.

John gave me the structure and the confidence to articulate my value proposition in an effective way.

Just wanted to share some news with you. I just hit a new record sales number. I'm super excited. I wanted to share with you because I'm here because of what you taught me.

Without the investment I made with you I honestly do not know where I would be at this point. When we started working together about a year ago I was literally wondering how I was going to pay for you.

John's insight and suggestions are always spot on.

I have been working with John for a while now. His insight and suggestions are always spot on, he is not afraid of giving you encouragement or make you realize your mistakes.

John really gets you thinking and focusing on your business.

John has been kind enough to co-coach myself & a client over the past couple of months. John has helped me develop several good strategies for my business along the lines of marketing and business growth.

When John met me, I was getting 3-4 clients a week now my practice is full.

When I first began working with John, I was just starting my practice. I had no business education or training, and was doing my best to learn on my own.

It became very clear that I needed help and through a stroke of luck, I connected with John.

We worked together for 4 months. In those 4 months, he helped me go from 3-4 clients per week to 13-14, which according to other professionals in my line of work shouldn’t have been possible at that stage of my career. Another 3 months later and my practice was full.

John helps you come up with the answers to find the critical path forward.

I wanted to share my experience working with John and having him as my business coach. I knew right from our trial session that John would be a great fit for my needs.

As a new, young entrepreneur, I needed guidance and focus, and John's rich background in entrepreneurship, sales and coaching were exactly what I needed to get my business off the ground.

John is professional, intelligent, creative, thoughtful and a powerful tool to help you improve your business.

I've known and worked with John over the past 2 years.

We have referred several clients to him over this time and have had several contact us directly to thank us.

John showed us where to focus our energy to maximize profits, client growth and employee retention.

I attended one of John's business workshops earlier this year where he helped me and my team to set aggressive goals for our PR firm - focusing on the first quarter goals of 2012.

John got us going down the right road to 'massive results'!!

Was just thinking about you today as I finished my bank rec, also getting my accountant to come in today to do my year end stuff - the first year I have done it before June!!!!

John helped me take my business to the next level.

I've worked with John several times. He helped me take my business to the next level when I was doing well with clients but new to the world of small business.


John helps you come up with the answers to find the critical path forward.

I wanted to share my experience working with John and having him as my business coach. I knew right from our trial session that John would be a great fit for my needs.

As a new, young entrepreneur, I needed guidance and focus, and John's rich background in entrepreneurship, sales and coaching were exactly what I needed to get my business off the ground.

John helps me to think critically about my business allowing me to understand the larger issues at hand.

I have known John for over 4 years and highly recommend him as a business coach. As a small business owner, John helps me to think critically about my business allowing me to understand the larger issues at hand.

John helped me to better position and package my products in order to increase the value of our products.

The results spoke for themselves- both in dollar amounts, as well as the degree of confidence and organization that was added to my business operations. I highly recommend John as a business coach for small and medium businesses.

I hired John to help me implement some best practices in my business and fill in some areas where I was lacking.

John was able to point me in the right direction and provide information that I wasn’t previously exposed to. My biggest takeaway was that I needed to run my business more systematically.

I recommend John. He’s a nice guy and he was very helpful to me.

My work with John has led me to the realization that my potential is even greater than I had believed.

John Nieuwenburg has been my coach for just over a year. In that time, our work together has been instrumental in helping me to clarify my priorities, and keep on track with them.

John is acting as both a business coach and a mentor as I shift into business coaching myself.

I hired John because I wanted to reinvent my business so I'm not working so much – to change it from a job to a business.

John is acting as both a mentor and a business coach as I transition my business from tax prep and bookkeeping to outsourced CFO and business coaching.

John helped me get to a new level with structuring my time.

I found myself floundering a bit after the chaos of Covid. The business was doing fine, but personally my focus was all over the place. I was considering very diverse directions for my business to go and needed some structure to my process.

I had been worried that the purpose of a coach was to push you to achieve growth at all costs, but it wasn’t like that at all.

John worked with me on money mastery and many other details that made my business run without me.

"I am sitting by the pool side in France reflecting on the last 2 months that I have spent with my 3-month old baby. I have enjoyed my time here while not worrying about my business at all."

The reason I have this peace of mind is because of the one on one coaching that I have done with John.

I’d estimate John’s impact on my business to be between 5 and 10-fold the costs of hiring him.

I hired John because I didn’t think I had all the answers. I wanted someone with experience that could see things differently from me, had skills in other areas and had objectivity, so that I wasn’t failing by myself.

My business was growing, I was launching new products and services and I specifically wanted to learn how to prepare my business to be attractive to a buyer.

I hired John to help me learn how to run my business more effectively.

When my business partner—who is also my life partner—and I found ourselves overwhelmed with the intricacies of managing our business, we were at our wit’s end.

In my optimism and perhaps overconfidence, I had taken out a large capital loan to fund a robust marketing program, only to realize that we couldn't handle any more business. I couldn’t spend any money on marketing because I couldn’t fulfill the jobs and work that I currently had!

Are you ready for more success, control and confidence in your business?