Behind every great business owner is a great team

Just like the thousands of ancient people who built the pyramids or the array of talented folks at NASA who put the first man on the moon, all great achievements come from having the right team.

A solid team will:

  • Increase revenue
  • Improve productivity
  • Encourage innovation
  • Boost morale
  • Lessen stress

On the other hand, a poorly assembled team will:

  • Miss opportunities
  • Waste time
  • Demotivate others
  • Cause conflict, frustration, and stress

But team recruitment and management isn’t easy!

Many business owners struggle to attract, train, and keep quality team members.

Check out the articles listed below for a summary of W5’s best advice when it comes to creating a “dream team.”

If you'd like some 1:1 support, you can always book 15 minutes on my calendar to discuss adding a business coach to your team 😉

The Truth About Delegation

By John Nieuwenburg | April 16, 2024

If you want a business that runs smoothly, profitably and (mostly) without you – you need to get good at delegating. Here’s how to do that

Growing Your Team the Right Way: Mistakes to Avoid and Strategies to Adopt

By John Nieuwenburg | January 9, 2024

Expanding your team can push your company to new heights, if you do it right – or cause a lot of headaches if you don’t manage it well.

How to Create Operational Redundancy without Doubling Your Staff

By John Nieuwenburg | October 10, 2023

Without redundancy, you’re vulnerable when team members get sick or need to be out for other reasons. Here’s how to set up coverage without hiring a bunch of people.

Working Together: The Six Pillars of Team Success

By John Nieuwenburg | September 19, 2023

Team building is the most important role a business owner plays. Here are 6 keys to building and leading a winning team.

Unlock Efficiency and Consistency: The Power of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

By John Nieuwenburg | March 21, 2023

Want more time freedom? Want your team to do the right things, right? Want to scale your business and make more money? You need SOPs!

Building a Winning Team: The 3 Pillars of Effective Team Management

By John Nieuwenburg | February 14, 2023

The essence of team management is getting the right people, doing the right things, right. These 3 pillars will help you do that effectively

How to create a strong company culture

By John Nieuwenburg | January 31, 2023

Your company culture is foundational to your business success. Want a better culture? You will need to actively cultivate it. Here’s how.

Want to be a better leader? Learn to ask better questions.

By John Nieuwenburg | October 25, 2022

Many business owners fall into the trap of believing that good leadership is about having the right answers. A better approach is to ask the right questions.

How to get every team member rowing in the SAME direction

By John Nieuwenburg | October 11, 2022

The most powerful thing you can do as a leader is to get everyone rowing in the same direction by implementing a team meeting rhythm.