Being successful in any endeavour all comes down to mindset

From the moment they wake up in the morning until the second their head hits the pillow at night, successful business owners take control of their mindsets.

Every emotion, thought, decision, and reaction can either a) improve or b) worsen their likelihood of achieving success.

The 3 A’s of Success

Here is a piece of honest advice: If an owner wants a better business, first and foremost, the business needs a better owner – that’s you!

But how do we get there?

Success is a result of what I like to call the 3 A’s:

  1. Activity: Are you doing enough of the right things?
  2. Acumen: Do you have the right set of skills?
  3. Attitude: Is your mindset right for success?

In this library of articles, I'm sharing my best performing tips and tricks to help business owners seize control of their mindsets. If you have ever struggled with:

  • Limiting beliefs
  • Negative self-talk
  • Fear of failure
  • Analysis paralysis
  • Procrastination

This collection was created for you.

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Make a better plan for next year by doing this first

By John Nieuwenburg | November 22, 2022

Reviewing the past year gives you an opportunity to step back and gain a larger perspective on your business, laying the foundation for making your annual plan. Ask yourself these questions

5 mindset shifts you need to make to scale

By John Nieuwenburg | November 15, 2022

The process and tasks of scaling aren’t all that difficult. The hard part is changing your mindset. Here are 5 shifts you need to make in your THINKING if you want to scale your business.

What do you do when you’re stuck trying to decide between 2 bad options?

By John Nieuwenburg | November 8, 2022

A dilemma is a situation requiring a choice between equally undesirable alternatives. Trying to choose just gets you stuck. Here’s what to do instead.

Want to be a better leader? Learn to ask better questions.

By John Nieuwenburg | October 25, 2022

Many business owners fall into the trap of believing that good leadership is about having the right answers. A better approach is to ask the right questions.

Want to be more successful in business? Try this

By John Nieuwenburg | October 18, 2022

Without a boss to hold you accountable, it can be easy to let goals slide. Want more success? Find a way to build accountability into your business. Here’s how

7 books to take your business to the next level

By John Nieuwenburg | September 27, 2022

If you want a better business you need to learn to become a better owner. Read these 7 books to take your business to the next level.

The Magic of Systems

By John Nieuwenburg | September 20, 2022

A well-managed business is built on systems. As we say at W5: systems run the business, people run the systems, you lead the people. Here’s how

How to Be the Best Version of You: Practical Tips to Become a Better Business Owner

By John Nieuwenburg | September 9, 2022

Want to thrive as a business owner? You need to focus on character, affirmations, and habits. In short, create a plan to be the best version of you that you can.

A new way of looking at delegation

By John Nieuwenburg | August 30, 2022

Executive leaders delegate at a higher level. They’re willing to let go control. As a result, they can pass off a LOT of the heavy lifting.

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