Why You Need a Big “Why” Behind Your Goals

Did you know?

In the first 10 minutes of flight, 90% of a rocket’s fuel gets consumed. That's how much effort it takes to put an object into space to escape velocity.

But once it’s in space, how much effort is needed?

Scientifically speaking, next to nothing.

If we were to illustrate the phenomenon, it would look like this:

In the beginning, there is a massive effort curve that is very, VERY steep. Then there’s the results curve.

You can see a gigantic lag between effort and results, yet when astronauts reach a point where they get to critical mass (now having enough momentum to be in outer space) the rest simply takes care of itself.


Mission accomplished.

Finding momentum as a businessperson is similar.

To successfully launch into the entrepreneurial stratosphere, you need to be like a rocket ship and find your momentum – the thing behind your goals.

This is known as the “why.”

Today on the blog, W5 Coaching tackles why everyone requires a big “why” behind their goals.

First up, what drives you?

No two people will have the same answer. Some individuals are highly motivated by internal factors, such as:

  • Joy
  • Freedom
  • Creativity
  • Satisfaction
  • A sense of achievement

Others (dare I say, the majority) are also driven by external factors, like:

  • Money
  • Fame
  • Power
  • Awards
  • Praise

None is more right or wrong than the other.

However, what they all share in common is that each is part of a bigger picture.

This sense of purpose, or why is going to be the force that drives us towards our business dreams, visions, and goals.

Without it, we would just give up, right?

Identifying “why does this matter to me?” should be at the heart of every decision you make.

The starting point of all achievement is desire.

Your vision has got to be so important, so compelling, that all those little obstacles in the way stop looking like barriers.

Your “why” will be the explosive energy to drive your goals.

Crash, Burn, and Learn

Unfortunately, just like in our spaceship analogy, sometimes we crash along the way.

It can be a sudden “Oh sh*t moment” or more of a slow burn.

This is a natural part of any businesses’ evolution.

Oftentimes, we start with uninformed optimism assuming things will be great. It's going to be as easy as pie, right?

Wrong. Inevitably, something happens.

We think, “Yikes. This is actually lot harder than I originally thought.”

As a result, we have a crisis of meaning.

I had a pretty significant one myself in 2011.

After years of emotional anguish, I attempted suicide. Depression drove me to this, and I am grateful for the unconditional love and support of my partner and family who helped me overcome this period of crisis.

Entrepreneurs also go through a crisis of meaning multiple times.

We don't have any say over whether we're going to experience the transition curves.

The only thing we can control is:

  1. How deep?
  2. How long?

We control only those two things. And that's it. But the fact is that we are going to experience the transition curve at some point in the journey. Sometimes we crash and burn like I did in 2011.

Luckily, most of the time, we manage to swing the nose of the aircraft back above the horizon, and we take off again more informed and better positioned for the future!

Remember, success doesn’t happen overnight

When you take action each day and learn the value of accumulating small improvements over time, daily habits compound.

Be patient with actions.

Also be patient with results.

Think about JK Rowling. She lived in poverty for a decade before publishing the Harry Potter series. Now, she’s a billionaire and worldwide success.

This transition did not happen overnight.

Rowling found her “why” and pushed through until she reached her goals.

Are you eager to do something similar?

Talking about your “why” with a professional business coach is a wonderful start.

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