Increase profit. Streamline operations. Get your life back.

Our proven business coaching program has delivered results to over 300 clients

Business coaching can help you:

  • Improve operations, implement systems and remove bottlenecks so that you get your time back
  • Hire and train the right team and eliminate people problems
  • Grow your business with bigger and better clients
  • Overcome cash flow issues and improve your financial management
  • Make better decisions and become more profitable

When your business runs well, you get your life back.

Services are confidential.

Return on your investment is guaranteed.

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Coaching only works when there's a good fit between coach and client. If you'd like to explore coaching, book a confidential 15-minute call so we can get to know each other.

How our coaching program works

I won’t tell you what you “should” do.

It’s your business and you get to decide what to do. I’ll provide feedback, perspective and ask questions to help you explore your options.

My role as a coach is to help you figure out the answer that is right for YOU. Since it is your answer and not mine you are much more likely to embrace and act on those ideas. And when you do, you’ll get results!

As your coach, I'll help you in 3 different ways:

Process and Tools Together, we'll work through a systematic process designed to move your business to the next level. I'll also provide proven tools, strategies and techniques to help you get things done.

Perspective and Feedback You can't see the whole picture when you're stuck inside the frame! Part of my role is to provide an outside perspective, a mirror to help you see things you may not be aware of.

Accountability for Action & Performance While a coach can’t do your push-ups for you, the coach can help you to do more and better quality push ups!

We will work on the 3 things you need to do to take your business to the next level

Become a Better Owner

Develop business and leadership skills, shift mindset and build confidence, develop habits that lead to success

Plan, Act and Measure

Develop an overall strategic business plan and tactical plans for all areas of the business, identify and track KPIs

Create Systems

Develop and document systems for sales & marketing, team & operations, financials.

Become a better owner

The most powerful thing we do in our work together is the focus on personal growth and development.

Business problems are almost always personal problems in disguise.

As I tell every client: “If the owner wants a better business, the business needs a better owner.”

Our work in this area revolves around the following categories:

Developing Business and Leadership Skills

Most of my clients don't have a formal business education and they've never been taught how to lead and manage a team.

Together, we fill in the gaps in knowledge and skill. These might include some of the following:

  • How to delegate effectively
  • How to run team meetings
  • How to hold crucial conversations
  • How to read and understand financial statements

Confidence and Mindset Work

It's normal to feel fear or discomfort when faced with learning something new or facing a challenging situation. I often provide support and guidance to help my clients:

  • Shift their beliefs and limitations (especially around selling and marketing)
  • Develop confidence in their pricing and the value of their work
  • Become more assertive when communicating
  • Practice and prepare for challenging confrontations
  • Develop a manager's mindset and looking for tasks to delegate

Success Habits and Accountability

As the saying goes: "what got you here, won't get you there!" Creating change requires building new habits. These may include:

  • Managing time more effectively
  • Committing to taking action and being accountable to your own plans
  • Being proactive instead of reactive
  • Taking time to work "on" your business instead of just "in" it
John taught me how to put my business owner hat on!

Being a new business owner in the healthcare industry, John was very helpful in getting my business partner and I focused on building our clinic up one step at a time.

When John met me, I was a freelance graphic designer. Today I own a marketing agency and lead a staff of eight people.

John took the time to really understand not just my business model, but me as an entrepreneur, my life, what I wanted out of my business.

My company needed leadership - they were looking to me for direction

John provided a very efficient, effective, accelerated learning process to get me up to speed in things that are not my background yet are essential to achieving my goals for my company.

Plan, Act and Measure

Throughout our work together, we plan the work, work the plan and measure the results.

This includes developing an overall strategic plan, developing tactical plans for various areas of the business and identifying and measuring Key Performance Indicators. (KPIs)

John helps me sort out what to do, so it's not just a big blur

He breaks things down into the steps that need to be taken, and then suggests people and other resources to help to get there.

Then we get started and follow up with our progress the next week. He keeps me accountable and on track.

Create Systems

A well-managed business runs on systems.

When you have systems in place: well-documented procedures, job descriptions, accounting and marketing systems – these systems run the business.

You’re no longer the bottleneck (the only person who can make a decision or who knows what’s going on.)

Well-established systems mean that your team knows what to do and how to do it. They run the systems.

Your job is to lead those people.

Together, we will create systems for the following areas of business:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Team Management
  • Financial


Our revenues went from around $300K - $400K per year to over $3 million per year.

One of John’s innovative approaches is his compounding effect system for calculating leads to conversions and repeat buyers.

After implementing this system, we now run almost completely on repeat business – including a very large ongoing contract that we landed in part due to John’s advice during contract negotiation

I was wondering why my staff couldn't make decisions - why does everything need to come through me?

One of my clients, Fred, used to be the equivalent of the only air traffic controller at the airport.

Everything that happened in that business, somebody had to ask him a question and he was being harangued by people morning, noon and night.

He was wondering why he couldn't get people to make decisions.

John helped us create proper systems, management skills and action plans.

My wife and I worked very closely with John Nieuwenburg for 12 months, shaping our company into the business that thrives today.

How coaching works and how to get started

This coaching program begins the moment you commit to it.

Assessment & Plan

You will fill out a comprehensive assessment – so that we know exactly where you are, what the problems are and where we need to focus next. This way we can make the most efficient use of our time and get the fastest results for you.

At our first meeting, we will go over the assessment and create a 90 day plan.

Weekly Meetings

Then we will meet every week to review your progress and work through any issues you are experiencing.

You will get one-on-one, personalized education on whatever you need: time management, goal setting, planning, sales and marketing, business systems, team management or success mindset strategies.

Our Agreement

I won’t work with anyone who isn’t actively working on their business and therefore getting a return on their coaching investment. It’s a waste of time and money for both of us. I’m just as invested in the relationship as you are.

I don't lock people into long-term contracts. Coaching only works if both parties work - if it's not working out, either one of us can decide to pull the pin.

The investment and guarantee

Coaching is an investment that usually begins to pay off immediately and will continue paying off over the life of your business. Everything you learn today you can continue to apply in the future.

If you qualify – and do the work – I offer a guarantee:

After 17 weeks of coaching, you will agree that coaching has paid for itself - or I will work with you at no charge until that is true.

How to get started

If coaching with me sounds like something you’d like to explore, I invite you to book a confidential 15-minute call so we can each assess whether or not it will be a fit. If it looks like it will be a fit for both of us, we’ll schedule a longer complimentary coaching session so that you can experience what coaching is like before you commit to a longer program.