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At W5 Coaching we employ the Socratic style of leadership and teaching: a method of teaching by using questions to arrive at the right answer for YOU.

Socratic questioning is a technique which can be used to establish root causes through strict analysis. This questioning process is used to uncover truths, reveal underlying assumptions and separate knowledge from ignorance. The key distinction between Socratic questioning and normal discussions is that the former seeks to draw out root causes in a systematic manner. Socratic questioning generally follows this process:

  • Clarifying thinking and explaining origins of ideas. (What happened? What do I think caused it?)
  • Challenging assumptions. (How do I know this is the cause? What could have caused that cause)
  • Looking for evidence. (How do I know that was the cause? What can I do to prove or disprove my ideas?)
  • Considering alternative perspectives. (What might others think? What are all the potential causes? )
  • Examining consequences and implications. (What are the consequences of the causes I have established? How can they help me solve problems?)
  • Questioning the original questions. (What can I do differently now that I know the root cause? How will this help me?)

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