Instant Business Support:

book a one-off coaching session

Have a specific problem you'd like some help solving? Want some perspective on a situation? Need a sounding board for evaluating a new idea or direction?  Let's get on a zoom call to get that issue out of your head and sorted out.

For a small investment of $200, you can expect:


Our calls are laser-focused on YOUR business. I can help you pinpoint critical problem areas by listening, probing, and helping you think through a strategy. I guarantee you'll leave the call with actionable ideas, insights and answers.

Honest Feedback

My clients will attest that I don't "sugar coat" my feedback or hold back sharing what you need to hear. If I think you have a good idea or plan, I'll let you know. If I spot a problem, I'll share that too.

Ideas and Solutions

I'm known for quickly diagnosing problems and providing innovative options and solutions. Bring me your toughest challenge and I'll help you see a way out of it.

To book your call, pick a time that works for you below to directly book on my calendar and pay for the session.

John is very insightful. He has advice and recommendations can make a big difference

One small idea can revolutionize the way you approach something or do something.

For example, he suggested offering a free “reset” on our Level One course to put the buyer’s mind at ease about whether they’re going to be successful.

That single suggestion will pay for what I’ve paid John! And this was only one of many ideas and insights that John has shared with me.

Note: these sessions are limited to "one per customer" -

if you'd like to discuss working together over the longer term, you can book a chat with me here: Schedule Now