Feeling Stuck? Use The Formula for Change to Break Free


Have you ever been trapped in an elevator?

It’s not a pleasant experience.

At best, being held captive in a tiny metal box is time wasted standing uncomfortably close to strangers. At worst, the claustrophobia can lead to a full-blown panic attack.

Not fun! And certainly not productive.

The same can be said about feeling stuck in our personal or business lives.

The inertia that results from an inability to change, grow, and evolve is devastating to small business owners.

It holds us back. Keeps our dreams small. Stops us from pursuing opportunities whenever they come knocking.

What can we do?

Tap into The Formula for Change, Fast!

As a professional business coach with 17 years’ experience, I understand.

Sometimes, change comes easily. Sometimes it can be difficult.

The good news is, anyone can follow a straightforward equation to jumpstart change and squash resistance.

The formula looks like this: (D x V x F > R)

Created by Richard Beckhard and David Gleicher, and then later refined by Kathie Dannemiller, this model proposes that the combination of dissatisfaction with the present, vision for the future and the possibility of immediate action must be stronger than the resistance being felt in order for meaningful change to occur.

When the “weight” of the (D x V) + FS is lesser than the “weight” of resistance, nothing can hold us back.

If I told you the secret mathematical recipe to realize all your personal and business goals, would you act on it?

Let’s unpack the formula. In a nutshell, there are 4 key components you must address as a business owner.

These include:

Dissatisfaction – First off, you’ve got to feel unhappy about something. It could be people related (like employee retention/workflow issues) financial based (such as lower than anticipated profit margins) or a more personal problem that has to do with your own self critique. Regardless, this is the ‘Why’ or the motivational factor in the formula. You are dissatisfied…and as a result, feel strongly obliged to initiate change.

Vision – Close your eyes for a second. Imagine the best version of you (and your business!) What do you see? This is the ‘What’ factor of the formula – how you would like to be in the future. The contrast between the way things are now and the way they could be after change can generate enthusiasm to replace fear and dissatisfaction.

First Steps – Every year, 800 people try to climb Mount Everest. But only 29% successfully reach the peak. However, what they all have in common is the courage to take those first few baby steps. Similarly, entrepreneurs must realize that while Dissatisfaction with the present and Vision for the future are both high, diddly squat will happen until we get moving.

Resistance – The last piece of The Formula for Change puzzle is Resistance. Change cannot occur inside a vacuum. You must bravely push outside of your comfort zone and face challenges head on. Will there be resistance? Yes. Certainly. Which is precisely why the formula (D x V x F > R) works in unison.

Break Free with Personalized Business Coaching

All business ventures go through ups and downs. It’s normal.

Nevertheless, if you have been feeling stuck lately or not sure where to turn next, consider reaching out for guidance and personalized support.

You can book a free 15-minute consultation call here. I would be happy to hear from you!

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