The power of asking a better question

If you’re feeling stressed out and overwhelmed with all of the things you need to do, a shift in how you ask one simple question can change everything for you.

How can I get this done vs how can this get done?

In Michael Gerber’s book, the E-Myth Revisited, he reveals that most entrepreneurs begin their businesses in the “technician” role (the person doing the work) and they grow until the point where they feel like they’ve lost control of the business.

They’re trying to do everything – yet nothing is getting done.

When you shift from “how can I get this done?” to “how can this get done?” you begin to act more like an entrepreneur or manager.

Instead of thinking about how you personally can get everything done, you see your role as managing the resources of the business to get it done.

The difference in sentence structure is subtle, but the difference it can make to your business – and your wellbeing – is massive.