When I began working with John I was about a year and a half into starting a small business, and it was going well... but I felt like on a day-to-day basis I didn't have a much of a sense of direction, or know where to focus in my business. I also had gotten to a certain point with "hustle" and working hard to meet people and enrol new clients, but in terms of strategy and business development I was at a total stand still.
I knew within the first couple weeks that working with John was a good choice, as I already felt more clear and concentrated in my day-to-day, and more inspired in my long term vision. He's been an excellent sounding board for any issues and concerns that come up, and has a beautiful and caring perspective on how to work with and manage people. On a more practical level, I have actual systems set up in my business thanks to John, and have recently tripled my revenue since this time last year.
In addition to that John has taught me a lot about business and marketing, and how to balance higher profits with an optimal lifestyle. Thanks for everything John!
Erika Weissenborn: Fresh In Your Fridge