Having John on my side gave me confidence to raise my shop rates to a high level.

I want to thank you for the time that you spent with me as my business coach.

Throughout the year and a half that we worked together several profound changes took place for my business and for me. The largest change that I experienced was that I now truly feel and act like a business owner. Prior to coaching with you, my attitudes and feelings were much more like that of an employee.


John helped make small but meaningful changes.

I found that the systems that you work with as a Coach are really meant to bring results: from the 5 ways business chassis to the 10 by 10 marketing plan. It was so simple to look at the different areas of the 5 ways and make small but meaningful changes. Having a coach on my side gave me confidence to raise my shop rates to a high level.

Raising my rates was something that always terrified me. With your encouragement I increased my rates by a much higher level than I ever had done before without any fear.

Another profitable implementation was the use of scripts that we developed together. My service adviser and I use them everyday and this has streamlined our process of quickly weeding out the undesirable prospects and enrolling those people who really want our service.

John is always readily available to help in anyway.

I always appreciated being able to call you with a marketing idea or a business challenge. You were always readily available to help me in anyway. The many resources that you introduced me to, helped develop my business, and me personally: I am much more of a leader, a much better salesman and a better teacher to my staff.

Overall my business looks much different than when we started. It looks much more professional, with a fabulous office and excellent staff. Our clients really appreciate the excellent business that we have become. My attitude is that of the business owner that I always wanted to be. Thank you for the skills and the systems that you brought to my business and my life.

Bernie Pawlik

Pawlik Automotive