I hired John to help me learn how to run my business more effectively

When my business partner—who is also my life partner—and I found ourselves overwhelmed with the intricacies of managing our business, we were at our wit’s end.

In my optimism and perhaps overconfidence, I had taken out a large capital loan to fund a robust marketing program, only to realize that we couldn't handle any more business. I couldn’t spend any money on marketing because I couldn’t fulfill the jobs and work that I currently had!

So, I thought the better investment might be to get help. I considered hiring someone better than me, maybe a manager or CEO. But something struck a chord in me: perhaps I didn't need to replace myself so much as get someone to help me learn what to do more effectively.

I wasn’t just looking for a quick fix – I was hoping for a unicorn

Enter John. To be honest, I wasn't just looking for a quick fix—I was hoping for a unicorn. A solution to my troubles, both personal and business-related.

On our first call with John, we were able to pinpoint operational issues that seemed so obvious in hindsight. He highlighted areas we had overlooked, providing insights that were almost common sense but crucial, nonetheless.

Since then, we’ve been focused on getting our operations in order. We’ve worked on efficiencies, hiring and staffing, and implementing operational redundancies.

A year into our work with John, I can say with confidence that our operations are night and day from where they started, preparing us for future growth.

One of the biggest areas of improvement for us has been in setting up operational redundancies.

It’s a situation that all entrepreneurs face: you rely on someone for a certain area of your business and then they call in sick or quit.

As a small business owner, it’s easy to believe that you can’t have redundancy because you don’t have the money to hire two people for the same job. John provided us with fresh perspectives and alternate solutions—often things we hadn't even considered.

What sets John apart is his innate ability to "read the room."

We might come into a session with an agenda, but he can instantly sense if there's a more pressing matter to address. Sometimes, we'd deviate from discussing business strategies to just talking about day-to-day life. It's this flexibility and understanding that makes him invaluable.

He listens, understands, and most importantly, it feels like we have someone genuinely in our corner.

It's easy to assume that as time goes on, the value of coaching diminishes. Initially, everything felt groundbreaking—every book recommendation, every tool. However, every session with John proves otherwise.

Even after a year, there are always new tidbits, new insights. In mastering a business, it's the little things—the details—that truly make a difference. We are now working on the nuances that set apart the good from the great.

John's sessions may come at a price, but the value is undeniable.

For the peace of mind, the consistent support, and the unwavering belief he has in us and our business, every session feels worth it. It's more than just about business—it's about knowing someone has your back.

Tim Allen

Tim Allen