As a Business Owner what can you do to be more effective?

As the owner of a business, do you sometimes wonder what you can do to be more effective?  My question then for you today is who is holding you accountable?

Look I know you get up every morning, start the coffee pot, and get started on the big to-do list every single work day, and often on Saturday and Sunday, without anyone making you, but who holds you accountable for success, for achieving your stated goals?

That’s a tough one because the natural structure of business says that you’re the boss and nobody’s the boss of you. In my opinion, this is something you have to create and invest in making happen – you need to get a “boss” to hold you accountable.

Here are a couple suggestions:

  • Track your time – Create time sheets and note how you spend your time each day. Assign a category of work, such as marketing, administrative, or sales. Then spend a minute or two at the end of the day and assign a value to that work – in other words what you would pay someone else to do it. You may be shocked at how unaccountable you are for the way you spend your day.
  • Start a mastermind group – Choose a select group of business owners from your local network of strategic partners or even industry peers and set-up a structure to share objectives and goals, critique marketing plans and materials and suggest ways to get better.
  • Create an internal board - Use your professional network, such as accountant, lawyer, insurance or financial professional to hold you accountable. After all, they may have a vested interest in your success. Share numbers and goals and give them permission to prod you each month for results.
  • Hire a coach –Soon the London Olympics will start, every athlete there has a coach! A coach can be a great addition to your team and act as someone for you to bounce you ideas off. It can be lonely at the top and getting feedback from an experienced coach is a great way to get around your blind spots and gain the confidence to move boldly in the direction of your goals.

Having someone to hold you accountable will help you to ”do more and better quality push ups” than you would do on your own.


If any of this is resonating with you, perhaps now is a good time to get someone to hold you accountable. Who can you get to help you do your push ups?