My name is Darren, I own Cimtex Industries out here in Mission.  I bought Cimtex out completely from the original owner three years ago, I had worked in a machine shop since I was 19  but only on the shop floor. To go from foreman to an owner with 17 employees overnight was a much steeper learning curve than I thought it would be. I decided to hire a coach to give me some guidance after having a bad couple years, in fact looking back none of the last 15 years had been great, the company always struggled to pay its bills.

We’ve been working with John for a year now. We have turned the company around. We’ve gone from struggling to make payroll, to being in a position to possibly purchase the building we have rented for 30 years. My old boss used to say ( in a German accent) " You can tell me stories, but numbers don't lie."

Give John a shot, you will be glad you did.