John had a crucial role in helping me to achieve my ambitious goals.

I was not looking for a business coach, I just happened to hear about you from a person that I was in contact with.

I sent you a quick mail; in retrospect, it was one of the best emails I have ever sent; it was a very short and simple email that led to a sequence of events that that brought me so much value.


John helped me organize my thoughts and ideas.

When we started working together, I expected you to help me putting some order in the mess I had in my head; the business was about a year old, with tons of challenges and way too many things on the go.

I needed someone that will help me organize my thoughts and ideas, to put the right bins on the right shelf and to put the right action items in the right bins.  Not only did you help me doing that, but you also exposed me to so many new shelves and bins that I simply wasn’t aware of their existence.  With your sharp questions and smart ideas, we put together an effective storage rooms with clear strategies and ways to implement them.

When I look back (hindsight never fails me…) I have no doubt that you had a crucial role in achieving my ambitious goals for 2010.  I would strongly recommend any business owner that wants to achieve more to be working with you and to listen very carefully to your questions and comments.

John, I thank you very much for your wisdom, knowledge and your great personality, it has been a real privilege to work with you.

Moshe Ben-Shlomo