John asks better questions - getting us better results.

Exactly one year ago today, after a long day at work - I e-mailed you at  9 pm to see if you had space in your 90 day massive action day seminar occurring the next day.

My husband and I had been struggling with moving in any direction with our businesses because we were not able to make life decisions. 


I met with John expecting him to give a big thumbs up and instead he did what he does best...asked some good questions....

This particular day happened to be my birthday - I started early, saw someone at lunch, and squeezed someone into my after hours. I missed every call, email and text from every important person to me.  I made it home by 8 pm as usual, had cake with my kids and put them to bed by 9 - too tired to even connect with anyone that had called.  This was a fairly typical Wednesday for me.

Although I had always taken pride in the success of my practice - it was starting to get to me.  I often felt I was becoming a boring wife and a tired mom, who just wanted to sit down instead of playing with my kids.

Two years before you had a mini seminar at Emelles and you asked where we saw ourselves in 5 years...and for me it wasn't was in Ontario.  I am not a very visual person but I could see that - oddly I was pregnant in this vision. Later that year I was presented with the opportunity of buying my clinic.  I thought it was an awesome opportunity as I knew 100% exactly what I was getting into.  I met with you for coffee expecting you to give a big thumbs up and say "grab it" and instead you did what you do best...asked some good questions.... afterwards couldn't commit to the idea.  There was still this part of me that like "Dorothy" wanted to go home (to Ontario.)


On August 1st we became home owners, mid March I will become a mom again and most of all I will have to work much less to afford it all there.

I spend 97% of my day with others. I came to your class not because I needed to know my profit margins - but because I needed a day out of my life - to take a step back and figure out some of the stuff that had been wandering around in my head but had no time to listen to. I really wanted to buy a house for my family, but I didn't know where and I wasn't sure how I could afford the sort of house I wanted. I really wanted to leave my clinic and have my own practice but because I didn't know where I wanted to live so I couldn't commit to that either. In theory I wanted to have another baby but I had been in a half coma for so long I couldn't get my head around it.

Typical for what was going on in my life - I had missed some critical parts of the day as I need to make an emergency house call. Knowing my story - you took me aside. Among other things you suggested we set a timeline of Christmas on making a decision to move.  You almost challenged me to buy a house and if I didn't - close the chapter...get on with life here and move forward in our businesses.  I smiled and nodded but kind of thought that was a pretty far-fetched idea. Over Christmas I went house shopping one day, and by Jan 7th I was putting an offer on a house. On August 1 we became home owners, mid March I will become a mom again and most of all I will have to work much less to afford it all there.

I have never opened my booklet from your seminar once in the last year...and yet still got exactly everything I needed out of that day, because of your attentiveness to my own personal situation and your ability to ask the right questions.

I would not hesitate to recommend your services to other professionals because "asking better questions - gets us better results."  Thank you for your insight and thank you for your friendship.

Big hugs,


Dr. Shelley Adams

Back2health Chiropractic

P.S.  You have also made my mom a VERY happy person!!!