Meet Coach
Wayne Fredin

My background: sales training and mentoring, military leadership


Prior to becoming a professional business coach, I mentored, trained, and coached salespeople and lead high-performing sales teams.

In one of my sales leadership roles, I started with 3 salespeople and grew the team to 25 with sales of $50 million.

In 2015, I published a book called Sales Leadership Distinction and later developed an online Sales Training Academy.

I also had a career in the Canadian military that I am very proud of.

Don’t let this intimidate you…I promise that I won’t be barking orders at you!

Unlike what you might see portrayed in the movies, the Canadian military is a very professional organization with strong values and fantastic leadership training.

Clients I love to work with: skilled tradespeople, small manufacturing businesses and professional service providers

I especially enjoy working with skilled tradespeople and small manufacturing businesses. My father and father-in-law both fit into this category and while I was a communications officer in the military, I had a lot of technical specialists working for me.

I also enjoy working with professional services businesses – especially those who wish to move away from being a solopreneur and grow a practice.

What I excel at: growing sales capacity and creating plans

I bring a holistic perspective to generating revenue that begins with marketing (bringing in new leads)
and ends with sales (converting those leads to customers.)

I use a simple sales system I developed based on my years of experience. It’s one simple idea, supported by four pillars that can scale from the very small business up to huge corporations.

The other thing I can help with is planning.
As the old adage goes:

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

If there’s one thing the military does well, it’s PLAN. During my service, I learned a very formalized, rigorous process that you would use to build high level plans for military operations.

I use that same methodology to teach a small business owner how plan everything in their business. With the right plan, anything is possible.

My best advice for small business owners

Many business owners have a hard time switching their mindset to work ON their business, instead
of IN it.

Tradespeople are reluctant to “put down their tools” and focus on the business instead of the job at hand. Lawyers see themselves as “a lawyer that runs a business” instead of “a business owner that happens to be a lawyer.”

This mindset leads to trading time for money, which limits growth and success.

My top 3 tips for business success:

1. Develop a strong mindset. Clearly articulate WHY you own your business. You need a compelling reason, otherwise, obstacles will seem insurmountable.

2. Become a student again. Open yourself up to learning new skills and taking on new ideas. What you don’t know is limiting your ability to grow your business.

3. Don’t take it personally. Develop the ability to separate business decisions, results, and feedback from how you feel about it.


Why I coach: coaching entrepreneurs allows me to give back

Coaching is part of my purpose in life. I have a strong desire to give back and coaching businesspeople to succeed allows me to do that.

I also volunteer as a mentor for Operation Entrepreneur, a program run by Prince’s Trust to help military people who wish to become entrepreneurs.

with Wayne

If what you’ve read inspires you to consider working with me, let’s hop on a zoom call to see if we’d be a good fit.

What clients have to say about Wayne

My business got hammered by COVID. I started working with Wayne just a few months ago and the results have far exceeded my expectations. What I like is Wayne does not judge or push, he asks really good and sometimes tough questions and guides me to the decisions and actions I need to take and then holds me accountable to do what I said I would do. When I started with Wayne I was really uncomfortable with the whole marketing and sales part of my business, especially in how to convert bigger lead opportunities. With Wayne’s help I have increased the number of leads I get, the number of those leads I convert to customers and increased the value of my sales. Wayne helps me with my proposals, we role play my presentations and Wayne’s wife even gets involved to offer the ladies perspective on things when needed. I am now on track to have my best year ever and our next steps are to put in place a plan to take my business to the next level.

Paul Tinetti – Tinetti’s Fine Furniture (and US Army Veteran)

Wayne’s suggestions have helped me increase my business profits by more than 35% in less than a month of working together.

Kat Sloan – KST Business Services

I've had many coaches throughout my career. None of them compare to Wayne. Wayne is on time, comes prepared and is very knowledgeable which will result in better time management or profit for your business.

Jason St Clair – Jacity Heating (and US Army Veteran)

Wayne has increased the confidence I needed in growing my business. His background in sales and in the military challenged me to understand the customer and build discipline. His feedback is valuable needed in every business

Carmela Montenegro – Koda and Crush Marketing