Derek Major Sugar Consultant/Eligeo CRM

"I can say without hesitation that John Nieuwenburg and W5 Coaching is one of the most valuable resources for my business and me personally.  When I met John, it happened when I was at a point of transition in my business.  I wanted to go from being a good business to a great business and beyond.  I wasn't sure how I would be able to do this but one Sunday morning took me on an incredible path that continues today.
I had once read the book E-Myth years ago and on this day I stumbled upon the audiobook.  I started listening to it which took me for a long walk around Stanley Park in Vancouver and by the end of the walk I was searching the Internet for business coaches that specialized in this transition.  The first result was John and he was my first and only phone call.  Our first meeting solidified that I wanted to work with this man to help transform me and my business.  He really understands the issues that a business owner goes through but also brings a wide breadth of experience from his current coaching work but also from his previous life as a senior executive.  This is something I draw on from him on a regular basis and it is worth its weight in gold.
I can't recommend him enough as he has helped me take my business to the next level.  I'm excited about the future more and more every day.  This wouldn't be possible without his guidance that has helped me transform the way our business operates day in and day out.
I recommend you sit down with John for a coffee.  You'll walk away not only impressed but blown away by his professionalism and methodical approach to improving your business."
Derek Major
Derek Major