Do you have a life jacket ready?

In the past coaches were someone who provided advice, information, opinions and service. Today how we access information and form opinions is most certainly different than yesterday.
We’re smack dab in the beginnings of a new era called the Information Age. How we access our information has changed from the limited choice model to one of unlimited choices available online – and that level of access has forever affected how we interact with the world.
Let’s imagine you want to get a new car. In the older time of just a few years ago your research on cars consisted of reading up on the subject from a handful of printed sources, person-to-person interactions from a small tight knit group and then forming an opinion and making your decision.
Today an ocean of information awaits you about cars from all over the world – in fact, so much so that it becomes a very noisy environment and the challenge isn’t gathering enough information it’s down to wading through what isn’t relevant to you and narrowing your search. Even the person-to-person interactions have magnified exponentially as we participate in worldwide chat rooms.
This means that the job of the coach has changed from having enough knowledge to help you to make a decision to that of clearing away the information chaos so you can see a clear path. The job of a coach is not about passing along knowledge; it is about executing on that knowledge. Knowing which strategies to choose and then getting it done!
We’ve gone from thirsting for info to drowning in a sea of it.
Your coach is a great resource for life jackets