Kristin & Liam: Hoochy 'Booch

 I just had another friend ask me about you and this is what I had to say about you.
"My coach's name is John Nieuwenburg. He is not only lovely but incredibly equipped in his field of business growth, sales & development. Our business has grown exponentially in the last 6 months (since working with him) I committed to taking on a business coach when I felt that there were specific issues that were holding me (and my company back) and I needed an outside opinion and expertise on how to grow past this. Not only have I learned valuable skills on how to sell, I have also learned greater tools for developing a growth mindset, seeing where I limit myself & how to be a better business owner (and altogether better human) My favourite thing John always says is "if the owner wants a better business, the business needs a better owner" 
I thought I would share
1. Because we think you are wonderful and want you to know it
2. If you had any use for this testimonial please feel free to use it!
Kristin Zerbin
Kristin & Liam