When John met me, I was getting 3-4 clients a week now my practice is full.

When I first began working with John, I was just starting my practice. I had no business education or training, and was doing my best to learn on my own.

It became very clear that I needed help and through a stroke of luck, I connected with John.

Jason Winters

John provided me a whole quiver of very effective tools.

We worked together for 4 months. In those 4 months, he helped me go from 3-4 clients per week to 13-14, which according to other professionals in my line of work shouldn’t have been possible at that stage of my career. Another 3 months later and my practice was full.

John gave me some fantastic advice and valuable opportunities, helped me work through some really tough decisions, and provided me a whole quiver of very effective tools. John’s wealth of experience and expertise are obvious when you work with him.

He is warm and caring, and it was obvious that he was fully and personally invested in my success. Additionally, he knows how to push you in a way that makes you want to kick some serious ass. And who wouldn’t want that?


Jason Winters

PhD Therapist