Our ongoing success has been due to John's coaching and guidance.

How can we thank you enough for all we have learned from you over the past 2 ½ years. From the minute we heard your tagline, “If your business is not supporting your life, what is it supporting?” we knew that we needed to work with you.


John left us with a renewed sense of excitement and optimism about our business.

First we started off by going to your 90 Day Workshop. What a mind blowing experience. Whatever we knew about business up to that point was overshadowed by the immense amount of things we learned that day that we did NOT know or ever even thought of. Your workshops are informative, fun, organized, well put together and thought out and well delivered. We left with a renewed sense of excitement and optimism about our business.

When it was time to attend the next 90 Day Workshop we were skeptical about what more we could learn after having attended the first one. We could not have been more wrong. We have attended many 90 Day Workshops and each time have worked on different aspects of the business, leaned new things, networked with new business owners and brainstormed answers to the challenges we were facing.


John is a wealth of knowledge.

We then continued working with you privately. You are a wealth of knowledge. Every challenge that we presented to you, you came back to us with a wide variety of ideas and solutions. What you did not know, you researched and got back to us. We have implemented every suggestion you have given us with great success. You are also extremely confidential in everything your clients share with you and very generous with your time.

Thank you John for all you have done for us personally and in business. Our ongoing success has been due to your coaching and guidance. We highly recommend anyone, no matter what stage their business is in to come and see you.


Ricki Kahn and Johnny Saborit

Brisas Carpet Care