John is acting as both a business coach and a mentor as I shift into business coaching myself.

I hired John because I wanted to reinvent my business so I'm not working so much – to change it from a job to a business.

John is acting as both a mentor and a business coach as I transition my business from tax prep and bookkeeping to outsourced CFO and business coaching.


John taught me that any action is better than inaction.

Working with John has changed my mental framework.

He taught me that any action is better than inaction – and that getting into my “uncomfortable zone” is how I make it more and more comfortable.

I’m also looking at my business differently.

Instead of asking: “How can I get things done?” I’m now asking: “How can somebody else get this done for me instead of me having to do everything? Should I really be doing this? Or is this something I can give to somebody else to do and still get the same results?”

What I like best about working with John

  • Flexible meeting agenda. He's got my to do list of things that we're working towards. We may not work on it for two or three weeks though because I have other issues that come up that I want help with. One week we may be focused on the mentoring coaching part, the next week I’m getting help with my sales process – because that’s what’s most important to me on that week.
  • Advice, answers and resources. It seems like he can instantly pull up an article or a book for me to read or something that references what I'm going through. I'd probably have to Google search for an hour and maybe find something. He can pull it up based on his experience of coaching for 15 years.
  • His generosity in sharing tools and ideas of his that I can use with my own clients. I’m moving into business coaching myself and John says: “Go ahead and use my stuff! If both of us can use it to our advantage, go for it.”

Tom Jones