How does a fish know that it’s in water?

How does a fish know that it’s in water? How can it, it’s the only thing it knows. How do you know your cultural assumptions? How do you challenge them? Here is something to think about!

You are not naked when you take off your clothes. You still wear your religious assumptions, your prejudices, your fears, your illusions, your delusions. When you shed the cultural operating system, then, essentially you stand naked before the inspection of your own psyche … and it’s from that position, a position outside the cultural operating system, that we can begin to ask real questions about what does it mean to be human, what kind of circumstance are we caught in, and what kind of structures, if any, can we put in place to assuage the plan and accentuate the glory and the wonder that lurks, waiting for us, in this very narrow slice of time between the birth canal and the yawning grave. In other words we have to return to first premises. — Terence McKenna: was an American philosopher, psychonaut, researcher, teacher, lecturer

And, in case you want to see some examples, check out this TED talk!

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What do you think? How can you become aware of and test your cultural assumptions?