The Three Pillars of Success

One of my mentors is Keith Cunningham. You can find out more here: Take any or all of his courses, they're great. As a bit of evidence, here is his latest blog post. It is so good, I wanted to share it with you.

If you will do these three things on a regular (daily) basis for 90 days, you will be stunned at the progress you will achieve.

#1. Read and write your major outcomes daily. You will notice I did not use the word “goals”. In our culture, “goals” have become synonymous with a wish. People say, “I wish I weighed 10 pounds less…. Oh, I think I’ll make that my new goal.” I do not think we need to get better at goal setting…. I think we need to get better at setting higher standards. Reading and writing your outcomes daily focuses your mind on the most critical things that need to be achieved.

#2. Plan your day before it starts. This simply means you sit down with your calendar and think about the most critical action items you must knock out today. Progress is not built by doing something huge, but rather by consistently doing ordinary things. Progress is not based on the size of your “To Do” list, but rather by what you prioritise and put on your calendar.

#3. Accountability. Here is the truth: Our brains are simply too powerful at making excuses and creating elaborate justifications for why we did not get something important done or followed through on. We make promises to ourselves, but we break them with alarming regularity. For some reason, promises we make to ourselves are less sacred than promises we make to others. Having an accountability partner who will hold you to the promises and commitments that you make is critical to making sustainable progress…. Someone who will tell you the truth and not buy into your cheap excuses for why you fell off the wagon.

Here it is on a bumper sticker: The higher you go or the higher you want to go, the greater the requirement to have someone in your life who will hold you accountable and tell you the truth.

Thinking Time: Could I find an extra 5 minutes every morning, before I turn on my computer, to read and write my major outcomes and plan my day before it starts? Could I structure in 45-60 minutes of calendar time every day to work on my major objectives for the year and thereby kick the can on a daily basis? Who have I given permission to tell me the truth and hold me accountable? Am I ready to play this game to win or do I want to just keep dabbling… hoping to get lucky?