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One man’s take on why it makes sense to have a business coach!

By John Nieuwenburg

Give me the biz, coach! From the Edmonton Sun: By Danny Hooper Celebrity shutterbug Fred Katz was chosen to judge the national image competition for the Professional Photographers of Canada. One of the great benefits of being self-employed is the fact nobody can fire you. At least that’s what I used to think. These days…

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Do you have a life jacket ready?

By John Nieuwenburg

In the past coaches were someone who provided advice, information, opinions and service. Today how we access information and form opinions is most certainly different than yesterday. We’re smack dab in the beginnings of a new era called the Information Age. How we access our information has changed from the limited choice model to one…

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20 Things about John Nieuwenburg

By John Nieuwenburg

Here is a Prezi called 20 things about John Nieuwenburg. If you haven’t worked with Prezi yet, check it out. It is awesome.

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When can you stop selling in your business?

By John Nieuwenburg

Donald Trump once said, “Sales and leadership are really the same thing.” I completely agree.  After all, what’s at the heart of sales?  Gaining commitment.  Helping people buy into your perspective. Getting them to take action on your ideas. Sounds a lot like leadership to me. Selling is a particular form of leadership that requires the same…

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