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How ever you choose to utilize these free tools you will be well on your way to taking your business another step forward.

How effective are your tools? Use any of our business coaching tools, and combine it with your own business coaching methodology. Or, leverage our complete coaching system that includes business coaching most needed skills and a complete set of business coaching templates. However you choose to utilize these free tools you will be well on your way to developing your custom business coaching plan!

Below are just a few of the free tools we are sharing. The tools are part of our complete business coaching program!

preview-full-Freedom Planning

File Type : PDF

preview-lightbox-The Right People

File Type : PowerPoint

Tactical Marketing Plan

File Type : Excel


File Type : Excel

preview-gallery-One-Page strategic plan (1)

File Type : Excel

Business Success Checklist

File Type : Excel

Activity Schedule

File Type : Excel

13 Week Cashflow

File Type : Excel

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"John Nieuwenburg is a genius. I love that he always has the perfect resource for you already prepared because he has been doing this for so long. Want to know exactly how many leads you need in order to earn the income you want? Yeah, he has that spreadsheet with a the precalculated variables already created. If you are a nobody, who wants to be a somebody, don't just choose anybody, choose John, then you can impress everybody..."

Rnold Smith